What's it all about?

Answers on a postcard please...

3 March
"The moon is often hidden by clouds, but it is not moved by them and its purity remains untarnished" Bukko Dendo Kyokai.

The truth, tranquillity and purity of the moon should always be embraced and cherished. At times, clouds intrude, at others they are invited, the challenge... to see the 'moon' shine and be enlightened!

Well... that's kinda where I’m at right now anyways. As this may indicate, I'm not really a glass half full kinda gal at the moment, but it's starting to look less empty every day.

I feel old some days and immature on others, I have a serious problem with introspection and overanalysing everything I see, hear and more importantly things I simply just imagine! I worry far far too much about how others perceive me, hence my hesitation to display myself here and now!! I also worry about appearing to be boring, stupid, ignorant and unlikeable (How's my spelling?), I’ve accepted I'm neurotic, but figure that I need to bite the bullet and stop hiding (mostly behind getting stoned and becoming a hermit!)

I'm here to try and find something to grab my attention, motivation and interest as most of the stuff I had (Including my self-confidence) has been cruelly stolen by ill health! Not sure about vampire porn just yet, but as an open minded and very bored person, I'm prepared to try almost anything!

Having moaned all the above, I do have a capacity for fun and frolics and love lots about my life and the people in it!!